#5 Winter 2016

GSB kicks off 50th celebrations with a flourish


Senior lecturer, Linda Ronnie, talking to Dianne Horwitz and former GSB faculty member, Steve Burgess.

UCT GSB director, Professor Walter Baets addresses guests in Cape Town.

Linda Fasham and Cassim Motala at the Johannesburg 50th Celebrations.

Advocate Rod Solomons talking to UCT vice-chancellor, Max Price.

GSB founding director, Dr Bob Boland.

Simryn De Jager, Peter Wingrove, Saskia Hickey
and Edu De Jager.
As one of South Africa’s oldest business schools, the UCT Graduate School of Business (GSB) has a lot to celebrate. A pioneer from the get-go, 50 years down the line it can justly claim to be Africa’s leading business school, with more rankings and accreditations than any other school on the continent.

Initially modelled on the conventional North American-style business school, the GSB has over the past 50 years charted its own, distinctly African path. And it continues to push the boundaries of business and management education on the continent.

To launch its 50th celebrations, the school hosted stylish cocktail parties in Cape Town and Johannesburg – as well as a class reunion for the Class of 1966, the first full-time MBA class, in February and March 2016. Two past directors of the school: Bob Boland and Frank Horwitz were able to attend some of these events and guests were treated to a flamenco dance spectacular curated by Professor Walter Baets, current director of GSB, who uses the dancers as a metaphor for how to take a more values-based approach to business today.

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